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Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Shakers have magnets at the point where they touch together.

Feline Spicy The Boston Pups Pucker Up Pups Hot Chili Peppers Cows
P8158 P8159 P8160 P8161 P8162


Nothing but a Hound Dog A Lady and The Tramp Oh Just Duckie Kiss a Lot of Frogs Where's the Fire?
P8163 P8164 P8165 P8166 P8168


South Pole Pride Super Stars Tea Cup Pups A Long Love Affair Tea Cup Dalmatians
P8169  P8173 P8174 P8176 P8584


Tea Cup Pugs Good Friends Poodles Scottish Terrier
P8485 P8586 P8587 P8588

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